A digital Innovation company

What we are

Flash - Digital Transformation

Driving meaningful change that benefits businesses and people.

of Unicorns&Lions dissolves the traditional boundaries between consulting and entrepreneurship. Consultancy? Innovation hub? Startup? We are all - but more than the sum of it. Our innovative approach brings together true entrepreneurial spirit, agile startup culture, digital expertise and a deep understanding of corporate organizations.

Venturing & Consulting

What we do


We are digital entrepreneurs and the next generation of consulting partners for digital strategy and innovation.

Compass - Digital Entrepreneurial Spirit

of Unicorns&Lions rethinks businesses, products, services and experiences for the digital age. We do not stop at thinking about “what if”, but love to take action to make it really happen.

As entrepreneurs we develop early-stage concepts to launch new ventures with partners. As consultants of Unicorns&Lions helps companies, teams and intrapreneurs to drive their digital innovation - discovering and developing their unknown digital future. Our approach fosters cultural and organizational readiness to create transformative and radical innovations in an exponentially-changing digital world.

Digital Entrepreneurial Spirit

What we believe in

of Unicorns&Lions believes in the revolutionary power of digital technology to improve our lives. To unleash this groundbreaking potential it needs, above all, the mindset of an entrepreneur and the behaviour of a maker. It needs a culture that is driven by a meaningful purpose and the passion to drive change. This is the spirit of Unicorns&Lions embodies, wants to share and ignite in others. We call this: Digital Entrepreneurial Spirit