The opportunity to raise the quality of life,
is the biggest business opportunity.
— Anand Mahindra, Chairman Mahindra Group

First, we disrupt our own industry

of Unicorns&Lions is an independent owner-managed company from Berlin, the digital and creative innovation hub in Europe.

Founded by two leading experts for innovation and strategy from the leading international agency for digital transformation.

From many years of international experience we’ve gotten to know the challenges and success patterns of established organizations and innovative startups alike. Above all we know the limitations of established consultancies and agencies for digital transformation to drive meaningful change.

Have you also asked yourself when the much-quoted disruption will happen in this industry?
Now. Here we are.


Of unicorns&lions
- a modern legend

The unicorn and the lion are the main characters on the battleground of digital disruption.
They are regarded as natural enemies, because they are representing different approaches and cultures to create value in the digital age.


With our experience from both worlds, we strive to bring them together.
Because where others see only all the differences, we recognize the potential to grow and become even stronger. The biggest opportunity is to learn from each other - transforming  into the most powerful character.

The good thing is that the ink is not dry yet.
We write the story of unicorns and lions and decide how it will end.


Founding Team


Alina Hückelkamp

  • Former Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer Razorfish Germany (2008-2016)
  • Jung von Matt. Multi-awarded creative strategist
  • Part of the german startup-team. Bought by T-Mobile
  • Diploma in Psychology. Work & Organizational Psychology + Innovation-Management 
  • Believes in Singularity and analyses the personality of robot vacuum cleaner

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Sandro Lanni

  • Former Strategy Lead at Razorfish Germany 
  • Stations at strategy & brand consultancies
  • Businessmodel & service designer
  • Diploma in Media Science and Economy
  • Waiting for the first AI to beat humans at poker

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