Digital Transformation is not about technology,
it's about your attitude towards change.

of Unicorns&Lions helps companies, teams and intrapreneurs to drive their digital transformation.  
Our approach fosters cultural and organizational readiness to operate, innovate and succeed in a exponentially-changing digital world.

of Unicorns&Lions is born digital. That means change is the norm for us. We naturally act with the logic of today and tomorrow, not yesterday. So we follow the advices we give others. We embrace change and constantly challenge and innovate our methods.


Your benefits

  • Get a stake in new business opportunities.
  • Strengthen connection to customers.
  • Improve efficiency of processes.
  • Accelerate speed of innovation.
  • Learn faster what is worthy to be pursued.
  • Improve engagement of change-makers among employees.
  • Attract young and new talents.

Our Approach to digital transformation

Embracing Exponential Change


Digital Transformation Program

Moving forward step by step

Digital transformation is a journey to reach the state of “never stop”.
To build a culture that embraces constant change and innovation of Unicorns&Lions has developed a complete transformation program to help you get there. Each module ignites transformation through concrete actions. You can feel the impact with every step you take. 

Lean Innovation

Can you keep up the speed between idea and launch like your competitors?

Accelerating the process to develop, validate and iterate your products, services, experiences and even business models to learn faster what is viable and successful.

Innovation Services

  • Get in the loop. Agile Build-Test-Learn-culture and prototype development
  • Expand your cycles. Collaboration programs, incubators and accelerators with startups and partners
  • Enter new orbits. New business model generation and implementation

Meaningful Vision

Does your vision engage employees as well as customers?


Defining your purpose and mission beyond competitive goals. Establish this vision as an organizing guideline and foundation for all your actions. Develop strategies and products to reach this vision.

Strategy Services

  • Catch it. Meaningful vision and purpose
  • Tame it. Goals, KPIs and governance of progress
  • Ride it. Actionable step-by-step roadmap

Customer Empathy & Understanding

Do you know the changing pains and gains of your connected customers?

Cultivating a constant and deep understanding of people to identify opportunities: their demands, needs, behaviours and expectations - of today and tomorrow.

Human-centricity services

  • Step into shoes. Customer journey mapping
  • Get in touch. Connected customer expectations & insights
  • Re-focus. Human-centred setup

Digital Talent & Learning Organization

Do your employees adopt digital opportunities and innovations as fast as your customers and competitors?

Empowering the digital mindset and skills of your people to let drive change. Fostering structures and capabilities to create the right environment to operate and innovate.

Skills-Building Services

  • Empower. Training programs & bootcamps for senior leadership and teams
  • Boost. Digital capability building and requirements for hiring processes
  • Drive. Transformation of structures and processes

Digital Maturity

Do you know which are your levers for a successful transformation and where to start?

Evaluating your digital status quo to identify threats and challenges, assets and opportunities. Set the foundation to define digital strategies and initiatives.

Unicorn/Lion Test

  • Market. Competition & Change
  • Business. Strategy & Business Model
  • Organization. Culture & Capabilities

Special Collaboration Services

Are you looking for a partner who becomes a real part of your business?

Special Innovation Services
Embracing new ways of working together to really join forces. Let experts from the outside join your team as a member.

Special collaboration services

  • One-to-One. Senior leadership sparring
  • Plus One. Hire an digital entrepreneur
  • Co-Venturing. Co-creating new businesses and ventures

We walk this way together

Why work with of Unicorns&Lions?


1. We know what we are talking about.

We started the digital journey with some of the most successful companies over the last 15 years. We have really build stuff and learned with customers and clients by doing.

2. We know how to master your challenges.

We worked with companies of every size and different cultures. We know how organizations work internally and how to win stakeholders.

3. We are smart but hands-on.

We are strategic minds working with proven models but hands-on to keep the track by finding workarounds for the typical hurdles in organizations.

4. We eat our own dog food.

We are changing ourselves constantly. How can a consultancy or agency talk about digitalization and change without adapting themselves?


We would be delighted to discuss further details of our experiences and methods in a personal meeting.