Multiplying meaningful change

We radically improve the benefits and experiences that businesses offer us.

of Unicorns&Lions develops and supports digital products and services for businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals that simplify, enhance and innovate customer experiences.

Our focus is B2B(2C) solutions. In this space we see the biggest opportunity for improvement. Enabling other businesses to innovate is for us the strongest lever to potentiate meaningful change.

Starting new ventures

Looking for a promising business idea to join? 

of Unicorns&Lions develops products and services to an early stage. We test concepts and minimum viable products to validate theirs value propositions in the market. For the most promising ones, we look for partners and investors to start a new venture.  

Supporting market entries

Looking for a partner to market your idea?

of Unicorns&Lions supports startups and innovators strategically at market entry. Whether it is to adress an early market or to cross the chasm into a mainstream market. We help you to identify the right customer segments and how to approach them. Let`s get more traction in the market, together.